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Hafiz Qari Yasir


Phone : +(92) 346-655-5683

Email : [email protected]

Address : NICON 1st Floor, Dubai Plaza, 6th Road Crossing, Murree Road. Rawalpindi, PK

Website : https://quranonline.com.pk

Courses of Expertise:

I am an expert in the mentioned courses. I am a graduate of Islamic International University, Pakistan. And have recently completed my studies.

About Hafiz Qari Yasir

Hafiz Qari Yasir is a young and a passionate professional, who opted to teach Quran Online to contribute his professional expertise, unique to some, including Qirat in different styles and Azan, to the students from around the globe. His recordings are available below.
He possesses 8 years of extensive experience in Quran teaching and Azan AlhumduLillah. He explains a surah in detail before taking a start for capturing the attention of the students.

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